Are you working towards a better life for you and your family? Are you in control of your future? Are you getting the rewards your hard work deserves? Ratruim has the ability to help you get the best out of your hard work. Here, you are on your own but are never alone, we are to help and guide you. We know the pitfalls of running a business and are there to help you avoid them, and to reward you when you do well.

How to start ?

Registration is free there no charge for it. You can start here by purchasing products by selection any option as per your requirements and interest.Currently there are two option. Option 1 : Full Payment or Option 2 : Booking Amount.


We are offering very rewarding incentives for the efforts put into the business. Business to Consumer marketing strategies are aimed at attracting new customers.

  • Referral Income

    Your will get 12.5% BV (for example On 2000 BV, 250 BV is referral income) on every Direct referrals with unlimited refers. To start your business, you must have minimum two referrals. It is rule that every direct will spill to your down line at extreme left or right starts from first left.

  • Club Income

    In this Marketing Plan, there is a unique pool for all direct seller/distributor/member who make two sales of minimum 2000 BV. Every seller who fulfill this criteria comes in this pool sequentially. There are three club, Silver; Gold and Diamond Club, every club has 3 level and depends on previous club level. As per Company sales, they will be rewarded as per folliwing table. Remember that you will be counted up to 365 days in this pool from your Date of first purchase.

    Sno. Club Name Level Reward
    1. Silver SL1 = SL1 X 2 250
    2. - SL2 = SL2 X 4 500
    3. - SL3 = SL3 X 8 1500
    4. Gold GL1 = GL1 X 2 5000
    5. - GL2 = GL2 X 4 12500
    6. - GL3 = GL3 X 8 51000
    7. Diamond DL1 = DL1 X 2 81000
    8. - DL2 = DL2 X 4 201000
    9. - DL3 = DL3 X 8 2108000

  • Club Referral Income

    When your direct refers achieve rewards, you also rewarded by company as per folliwing table. Remember that you will be counted up to 365 days in this pool from your Date of first purchase.

    Sno. Club Name Level Reward
    1. Silver SL1 250
    2. - SL2 250
    3. - SL3 1000
    4. Gold GL1 1000
    5. - GL2 1500
    6. - GL3 25000
    7. Diamond DL1 32000
    8. - DL2 52000
    9. - DL3 700000

  • Matching Income

    Matching Income depends on your weekly team A and team B sallers/distributors. Some rules are applied to calculate matching income. This calculation occurs on every sunday at 11:55 PM.

    Required Min. Ratio 2000 BV : 2000 BV
    Income 25% (Min. 500)
    Calculation Weekly
    Capping 500000
    Carry forward Remaining One Team
    Eligible Full Payment (Option 1)
    Pleae pay full amount within 15 days, otherwise your both team BV will become zero.

  • Rewards

    It is performance rewards. If you and your team perform best, you will be rewarded. In Reward calculation, your both team sales ratio will be counted as per following table :

    Sno. Team Performance Rewards Duration
    1. 25 BV : 25 BV : Samsung Galaxy M11 45 Days
    2. Next 50 BV : 50 BV Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) 90 Days
    3. Next 100 BV : 100 BV OPPO Reno3 Pro 135 Days
    4. Next 250 BV : 250 BV Laptop HP 15 8th Gen i5 190 Days
    5. Next 500 BV : 500 BV Rs 1,00,000/- Car DP 270 Days
    6. Next 1500 BV : 1500 BV Rs 4,51,000/- 365 Days

Special : Fast Club

Getting any achievement will move up in club. There are three Fast Club Achievements,

  • RUBY [Directs -> 21 Club Members + Downline -> 42 Club Members]
  • EMERALD [Directs -> 16 Club Members + Downline -> 32 Club Members]
  • OPAL [Directs -> 11 Club Members + Downline -> 22 Club Members]
  • After OPAL, Any other achievements will come and after that FIFO bases.


We are creating an unique repurchase marketing plan; our team is working on it. Soon when it will be ready, we will publish it. till then wait.....

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