Reward Points

Reward points are points which you can get either by purchasing product or buy on It is known as RP. Reward points can be used as cash discount in purchasing to minimize product MRP. 1 RP is equal to 1 Re in cash discount.

How get Reward Points?

There are two ways to get RP. First; purchase any product which has Reward Points; it will credit mentioned RP with product, second; you can purchase Reward Points from available eStore, there are multiple eStore on

Redeem Reward Points

You can redeem your available Reward Points in purchasing products. It minimizes MRP of products. You may assume Reword Points as Cash Discount. Every product has its RP with MRP and BV. Example : Suppose there is a product name "Aromatic Dhoop Incense Cone" which has MRP Rs 300/-, BV 75, Redeem : 150 RP, If you purchase this product, 150 RPs will redeem as Cash discount and debited from your RP balance, Now you pay only Rs 150/- ( Rs 300 - 150 RP).

RP eStore

There are eight available eStores.

  • [SR] Spiritual & Religious
  • [CC] Cultural & Craft
  • [VA] Vastu and Astrology
  • [HW] Health & Wellness
  • [BM] Books & Magazine
  • [FO] Festival & Occasions
  • [DP] Digital Products
  • [NX] Next Generation

You are restricted to purchase minimum 50 RP.
How eStore benefits you ?
Currently eight eStores are available. Every day, Multiple Lucky Draw are opened; if you get lucky draw, you will get upto 6 times cash back and your referrals sequence will get equal or up to your purchase; if they make any purchase in estore on same day.
Example : Suppose, you purchase 100 RP from [SR] eStore, and in next lucky draw opens for [SR] estore; that means , you will get Rs 600/- as cash back and your referral sequence will get Rs 100.

*Term & Condition applied